HCMC: Day Two

Did I mention that Vietnam is hot?  Yes, it’s hot.  I’ll probably mention that a time or two more before we go.

We visited Le & Associates this morning.  L&A is a human capital consultancy firm.  It is always a treat when we are able to visit a local company and see how business is done from their perspective.  Traditionally most of our visits are to multinational corporations.

Ms. Tran introduces herself to Taixu.  She was our main host today.

Here is the gang with the folks from Le & Associates.

In front of a helicopter at the Vietnam War Museum.  A sobering place and a look at the conflict from the Vietnamese perspective.

Here is the gang in front of the Reunification Palace, the site of the end of the Vietnam war.  I told them to look wise.  This is what they came up with.

This little tyke was helping her mom sell fruit on the roadside.  These little roadside stands are everywhere, selling nearly everything imaginable.

This is a taste of the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City.  There are no rules, and yet it all seems to flow.  Cars, buses, and motorbikes come from all directions in all lanes.  It is insane, and it works.  To cross the street, you simply walk out into traffic, slowly and steadily, with no sudden moves, and traffic simply flows around you.  Run or bolt, and you’re roadkill.

That’s it for today.

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