Two businesses

We visited two businesses today, very different.  In the morning we visited the Vietnam Consulting Group, which provides a full range of business consulting for various local and multinational companies.  Thanks to Mr. Duc for giving us a great deal of useful info about the business climate, and the nearly incomprehensible financial system in Vietnam.

In the afternoon we visited Saigon Tan Tec, a leather tannery north of Ho Chi Minh City.  STT is known as an eco-tannery.  Traditional tanneries are smelly and toxic places.  And while the STT facility was not odor free, it was remarkably clean.  In the years I have been doing these visits, I have never encountered a company so open about its processes, even to its competitors.  STT uses a variety of green technologies, such as wind, solar, natural lighting, wetlands, etc, to vastly reduce energy costs and wastewater emmissions.  Thanks to Calder and Dirk for a great visit.

This is typical Vietnam outside our hotel.  A woman brings her little girl to help elicit sympathy with foreigners, hoping they will buy things.  In the center, a little boy shines Jameson’s shoes instead of going to school.  Jameson is a sucker for these people.

Mr. Duc explains Vietnam business to the group.

Our group with the folks from VCG.

Dirk explains the early stages of the leather tanning process to the group.

Our group with Calder, Dirk, and ??? (sounds like Scooby) from Tan Tec.

We have an all day tour tomorrow to the Mekong Delta.  Check  back then.

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