The last hurrah.

Today was our last day in Vietnam.  Some went to the beach while some of us went to the Mekong Delta.  All in all, Vietnam gets high marks from our students.  A robust business environment, friendly people and low cost of living make for a great place to visit, live, or work.  We will definitely be back.

Guannan relaxing, and Dennis, kind of relaxing, in hammocks at a rest area on the way to the Mekong Delta.

We saw hundreds of boats today, of every conceivable shape and size, transporting everything from dirt to fruits and vegetables, to live animals.

We travelled by bus, big boat, little boat (above), on bicycles, and on foot today.  It was an amazing experience.

This is someone I’m calling South Korea Guy, since I didn’t get his name.  He was an entertaining companion on the tour.  He knew a number of English words, but not really how to string them together.  So he communicated with one word bursts.   Hot (he said this a lot)!  Fruit!, Eat! Hat! Gum!

Travellers from America may hesitate to visit Vietnam, given our unpleasant past with this country.  But we never felt a moment’s unwelcome in Ho Chi Minh City.  People gladly welcomed us, especially the little children, who were eager to greet us and have their picture taken.

This is the last post until after we return from the states.  There will probably be one more post to wrap up the trip.  Until then.

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